Important notice!
We at KBV Visarun services understand that this recent situation have put sticks in the wheel for many expats holding tourist-visas, non-O, Non-B, ED-visas or extensions.

Even our business have gone from a very good uptrend to total stop.

But. We are still open and we will not give up on you as our customers and friends.

We are here for you and we encourage you to contact us with your situation and we will evaluate every one of you and see if we can somehow see any light in the tunnel.

If you have any questions, no matter what. Or want to know more about the current situation, please contact us for any kind of consulting from our side. We still have our office open, but on scheduled meetings so we just arrange a time you can come by. Our social media is always open at any time.

Even if you just want to have someone that listens, please contact us. As we say, we want to be here for you even in such hard times as we are facing now.

The KBV team.