Have you wondered more in detail about what happens on a visa run trip from Phuket to Penang? This will be the first of our “how-to” blog post there we will break down what to expect and how everything is arranged by us.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we will begin traveling from Phuket to Penang and the trip with taking about 7 hours.

For your safety please wear the safety belt at all times throughout the whole journey so we don’t get any unpleasant surprises with the authorities if any road controls.

Unfortunately, smoking and Alcohol are not permitted in the van and that is for your safety and also for respecting the other passengers.

We will stop about 10-15 minutes twice or three times for a toilet break. Feel free to stretch or grab a drink or snacks at your convenience.


At the border

We will be reaching Sadao Border at 5 am. This is the opening time of the border.

As soon as you reach the border please check your passport if you have an overstay or not and then go into the correct line for your departure stamp. If you already know that you are on overstay, please talk with our drivers as soon as possible and they will assist you.

For those who do not have overstay, please go to the left line and for those that have to overstay please go to the right line. Passengers from Turkey, Brazil, Jordan, and all African countries, please stay on the right line as well.

After you have received the departure stamp, and you need assistance with filling out the visa form, please find the driver to fill out the visa form. He will be waiting for you right outside.

From the border we will transfer to another minivan to Penang, please check all your belongings and make sure that you leave anything behind from the previous van.

When we reach Penang border there will be a checkpoint to check your passport and you’re your belongings, just like what you experience at the airport.

As we arrived at the Banana Hotel, please give all your documents and visa fee at the time of check-in at the reception. If you delay giving the documents right away, there is a penalty fee at your own cost. After the documents are submitted and the visa fee is finalized, you guys can enjoy breakfast and rest at leisure. Around 8 pm, there is dinner prepared for you at the hotel restaurant.

The next day please check out from the room no later than 10:30 am. This is a hotel check out time. Any guest who would like to check out after 10:30 AM, you can check the availability with the reception to extend a late check out at your own cost.

Penang is beautiful

You are most welcome to go explore Penang at leisure or hang around the hotel. It’s up to you. Make sure that you are back at the hotel reception no later than 2 PM to receive the paperwork and be ready to depart soon after. Please respect the time. Nobody wants to be the late guy.

Lunch is not included, you can go and have lunch anywhere you would like.

For those who did not get the visa on the way back, please contact our driver as soon as you reach the Thai border. Our driver can assist you back in the country with an additional cost of 2,500thb or more. You also have the option to take the taxi directly to the airport from the hotel in Penang and take a flight back to Thailand instead if you do not wish to pay the additional cost at the border.

On our way back to Phuket


We will stop for dinner at around 8 pm.

After having dinner we will continue the journey back to Phuket and drop everyone at the same place where you were picked up.

We will reach Phuket around midnight and travel the same route by dropping the last passenger off first. If anyone would like to get down before your pick up point, while we are passing, let our driver know. If we are not passing, we will not go out of our route because other customers will be delayed.

Before getting off from the van please don’t forget to check all of your belongings. We will not be responsible for any lost properties.

We wish everyone a nice trip with us.
Thank you for choosing us and traveling with KBV Visa run. We hope that everyone will get their visa back and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back again.

If you have any question you can always contact KBV Visarun Services and we will gladly help you out!

Kob Khun Ka