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New regulations regarding entering Thailand.

We apologize for all the current adjustments that take place around the world right now. Therefore we are here for you if you need some clarification. If there is a certain ambiguity of understanding, feel free to call us or mail us and…

The border at Ranong is close until further notice

The border at Ranong is close from today and we will update through our communication channels as soon they will open again. One solution for you can be to visit your local immigration office and apply for 30 days extension. You need to have…

Malaysia Is closing the borders.

“The Malaysian PM has announced this morning that Malaysia will be under a state of total lockdown from the 18th to 31st of March.” This will affect our visa runs to Penang and Satun for at least that mentioned time,  so we are contacting…

Medical Record required for visa runs

<<This is a MUST read if you planing a trip with us!>> Important and crucial information From KBV VISA RUN regarding the Corona/Covid-19 situation.  We at KBV VISA RUN will like to inform everyone who is intended or…

Welcome to the new KBV Phuket Visa run services.
We offer the most safe visa run from Phuket!

We want to be your first choice of visa run services and we can only achieve that by listening to you. Our company is under new management and therefore we have setup some policies.

  • At anytime you can request the driver to make a alco-test. All our vehicles have Breathalyzers.
  • At anytime you can request to see our drivers drug test results. Our drivers are tested randomly 2 times every month.
  • At anytime you can request to see the vehicles you are traveling on inspection documents. Our vehicles are ongoing regular service.
  • All Our vehicles have a speed limit system. if the speed exceeds 90 km the gas will be reduce automatically and the driver will get a fine of 1000 Baht through the installed speed control system.

This is some of the steps we are taking responcibility for so you will enjoy your visa run trip with us.

Our opening hours
Monday – Friday 1 pm – 5 pm

Our available Visa run from Phuket services:

Visa run to Penang. By air

Visa run to Penang. By VIP minivan

Visa run to Satun. By VIP minivan

Visa run to Ranong. By VIP minivan

Visa run to Andaman. By VIP minivan

If you have some difficulty to travel on a visa run from Phuket, please contact us.
We can help in the most situations.

We have online request Visa run application form.

You can fill in the form with your request here and we are going to reply to you very fast.

We take your safety and experience very serious

Sometimes, we are getting the question, ´Why are you more expensive than the other visa run companies in Phuket? And we know that often that can be one of the criteria’s our visitors/customers care about. People that want to get their visa done, cheap, fast and good. And here we have a very common situation that occurs in every trade situation worldwide, all the time, 24/7. Let us explain and we stick to the cheap-part.

If you want to have a cheap visa run, that is directly connected to how much everyone´s cut will be. Let’s say for this examples sake that we are lowering the price with 1000 bath. That means that we not only cut our profit out, but we have to cut down our costs (others profit).

One way we could keep the price down would be that we look for a cheaper hotel. But that will lead to complains. We could also cut down the budget for meals, but here we know by experience we will not get satisfied customers and our customers will be angry. Imagine that you are hungry and the driver tell you that soon you will come to a Buffet and what a disappointment it will be if the buffet is mostly 2 cold dishes on arrival to the restaurant.

One thing we also do for you is that we have individual insurances.

Cut our profit as an organizer maybe comes into your mind. If we could do that, then it would be a dream scenario, but the visa run services isn’t what it was once. And something that we are proud of and works actively for is that we have a big budget we are using on safety. I am pretty sure that we have the biggest budget in Phuket regarding road safety and maintain cost for our 2 years old VIP vans. Its part of our policy. To offer safe trips.

We have been cheap before, and the results of that we got many, many complains. So this is a strategic choice made by us. Because when you, as a customer, is in the middle of the trip you want to have things as smooth as possible with as less fraction as possible.

We have listen to our customers.

Of course the choice is totally up to you what visa run company in Phuket you choose, but if you value a comfort visa run then we are likely one of the best to choose from. And as always, there are things that can get better, so we would like to hear about your trip with us, therefore you are always welcome to contact us!

We have made a survey.

To make our services better, we have made a survey. We would love to have your opinion about our services!

What others say about us.

We are getting such feedback daily and this make us determined and motivated to offer the best visa run service in Phuket!

5 star aren’t enough! Highly recommended ? It was my second time around to booked with them & they didn’t frustrate me at all. Helpful staff esp.Khun Sanny ? , friendly drivers, nice dinner back from Penang. I suggest you guys to do your Visa Run with them ? . Finally got my Non-B . Thank you KBV! ? keep it up and continue to help farangs like me

Kristine Joy Gabatino

My first time using this type of services, my first time using KBV Visa Run services.
I paid for Penang By Van service with the objective to obtain a 3 month tourist visa, and this is how I can resume my experience after my trip to Penang:“Piece of Mind”

KBV are true professionals at what they do, they delivered on what their promised, and at the end of the day that is what is important to me, and I am sure to other fellow travelers who want to extend their trip while in Thailand.

They delivered 100% on what they promised therefore I am very grateful to have done business with KBV Visa Run.

Management Staff – very professional and knowledgeable; they had the answered to all my questions. Minivan Drivers – reliable, courteous and most important cautions at all times – very impressed with their GPS/Telematics real-time monitoring system, from speed, location, distance. Chaperones – I was never alone, always somebody from KBV Visa Run next to us if I needed to ask a question, they were always there making sure everybody knew what the next steps were, that was key for me.

Overall my experienced with KBV Visa Run has been great from my initial enquires, the food and hotel were awesome, as I said before if you are looking for “Piece of Mind” KBV will deliver it to you, I will be recommending it to my friends coming for a visit.

Congrats KVB – good job, big thumbs up, 5 stars to you guys! 

Ernesto M

Very good service at the right price! Higly recommended

Marco Red Damonte

Best visa run in Phuket and very good service

Shwegu Sunil

Best visa run and very good service. Easy to travel with KBV VISA RUN…. very helpful

Okay Olsen

Kbv have great drivers, don’t roll like crazy, I feel safe every time. They take care of everything to get the visa once in Penang. It’s an excellent agency!

Joanna Dokuritsusuru

For me they have the best service just like my previous trip with them. They really know how to take good care of their customers. Another thumbs up from me ’til next time.

Jian juan

The best service ! Thank you so much! See you next time.

Katia shanti

Top drivers. Very helpful and friendly. Better than the rude ones from other company. Would not mention name but you guys do good for your customers. Even called me if all was well taken care of. Higly recommended!!! Thanx all!

Robert Fl

I want to leave feedback about the trip to the Border of the wound as a KBV Visa run company
We are still on the way, but the impressions are the most positive!
Took straight from my house, the bus on which we go in excellent condition, aircon works as it should, so it’s very nice to be inside.
Comfortable, there are sockets for full charging your phone or beech.
Customs passed quickly, without any difficulties.
For Breakfast, there were 19 options to choose from. When we arrived at the cafe, on the table everything was already covered and quite tasty
The driver of the Basik lovely helpful and positive. I had a couple of times to stay on the road, had no problem doing.

I’ll give the boys 10 points for the train. And feel free to recommend

Luliia Krasulin

Today back from visa run to satun. I only can confirm, the new time schedule is very much better then before. All went smooth, without stress and quick. The driver did a very good job too. All together, I can recommend KBV Visa run as I did always. The best caring and professional visa run company in Phuket

Till Koschig

About us

KBV Visa Run services established in 2008 and have since then served over 100 000 of visa run trip  to our main destination.

We are a small company with big ambitions. Our recent management took the company under its wings 2017 and our goal is to become the best and safest Visa Run Service company in Phuket.

You are welcome in to our office if you have any questions, or just feeling confused about all the rules. Our well English speaking desk staff are up to date with what to think about and what you will need for your Visa run.

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+66 848 890 606

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Patong Condotel 47/21
Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road
Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

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