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We are open and stronger than ever!

We are happy to inform you all that we have open. This 2 years have been mostly devastated not just for us, but for many business. We are eager to start helping with all kind of visas regarding your stay in Thailand. If you don’t know what new or what have been changed during this […]

We are opening 1 July!

We at KBV Visa are happy to announce that we are opening 1st July! Of course we are aware that there are some uncertainty regarding our Visarun services and maybe also some lack of understanding about what is going on and what runs are active at the moment. We want to point out once again, […]

We are here for you, just give us a call or mail us

Important notice! We at KBV Visarun services understand that this recent situation have put sticks in the wheel for many expats holding tourist-visas, non-O, Non-B, ED-visas or extensions. Even our business have gone from a very good uptrend to total stop. But. We are still open and we will not give up on you as […]

New regulations regarding entering Thailand.

We apologize for all the current adjustments that take place around the world right now. Therefore we are here for you if you need some clarification. If there is a certain ambiguity of understanding, feel free to call us or mail us and we will do our best to clarify for you. This latest decision […]

The border at Ranong is close until further notice

The border at Ranong is close from today and we will update through our communication channels as soon they will open again. One solution for you can be to visit your local immigration office and apply for 30 days extension. You need to have a letter from your embassy. If you need assistance, call us […]

Malaysia Is closing the borders.

“The Malaysian PM has announced this morning that Malaysia will be under a state of total lockdown from the 18th to 31st of March.” This will affect our visa runs to Penang and Satun for at least that mentioned time,  so we are contacting all of our customers that have bookings on the affected dates. […]

Medical Record required for visa runs

<<This is a MUST read if you planing a trip with us!>> Important and crucial information From KBV VISA RUN regarding the Corona/Covid-19 situation.  We at KBV VISA RUN will like to inform everyone who is intended or will book our Visarun services to have a medical record with you on the Visarun itself. The Thai […]